Real Friends Do Exist!

Before our destinies collided unpredictably,

You were just an unadorned stranger to me.

Never knew that our paths would cross shortly,

In the right place and time we were fated to be.


It all started with brief and casual conversations,

When we were still shy to speak our judgments.

As days passed by, we overcame our inhibitions,

By sharing our past experiences and sentiments.


You’ve been my colleague, defender, and friend,

Who was ready to support in times of difficulties.

You were there to protect me, even from a fiend,

 Gently driving away my scares and uncertainties.


Some people say that true friends are hard to find,

But I refuse to believe for you are still here at my side.

Whatever happens, I will be here, keep that in mind,

This is a humble promise which I will surely abide!


© Lebana 2018

Anabel G. Raymundo

All Rights Reserved.

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