Change Makes Us

It is true that change does exist,

Right here and there, it persists.

Ready or not it will just emanate,

Neither too early nor too late.

It comes when you least expect it,

Like a thief in the dark, it wonโ€™t quit,

Like the waves caress the shoreline,

Or how he steals this heart of mine.

No one says that it will be stress-free,

And the finish might be hard to see,

Yet trying may help us to appreciate,

That it is already written in our fate.

Change like healing takes a little while,

And it requires us to walk an extra mile.

Yet it certainly brings new opportunities,

Leading us to our boundless possibilities.

ยฉ Lebana 2018

Anabel G. Raymundo

All Rights Reserved.

17 thoughts on “Change Makes Us

  1. You inspire me

    No one can change what is so
    What is so always changes each second
    Change does not care where you go
    You find it where you have not reckoned

    Each of us has our own heart
    We see the new world every day
    We must take on the new ways of art
    Or else we get carried away

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  2. Ironically, โ€œJesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.โ€ (Hebrews 13:8). He never changes. It takes courage to resist change that would separate us from Him, no less than than it takes to change from self destructive ways to follow Him.

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