Why do you Smile?

Why do you offer an enticing smile?

This question muddles me for a while.

Is it really because of love and affection,

Or purely a part of a strategic deception?


Superficial smiles have surfaced the universe,

Driving humanity into a meaningless craze,

Distinguishing the realities from trickeries,

Leads the tribe to the realm of uncertainties.


Yet, others still choose to beam genuinely,

Despite the odds that they face relentlessly.

For a smile can also be a foundation of hope,

Allowing the bruised and wretched to cope.


An inviting smile can hide so many emotions–

Fear, sadness, heartbreak, even frustrations,

But it also shows one another thing, strength–

Confidently saving us from life’s varying depths.


© Lebana 2018

Anabel G. Raymundo

All Rights Reserved.


18 thoughts on “Why do you Smile?

  1. I had a fit of limericks and wrote one about you:

    Lebana Limerick

    I met a young woman obscure
    just who she is I’m not sure
    she’s timid and shy
    but that is a lie
    she’s really an entrepreneur

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    1. You’re right, Felista.Our smiles can help those struggling to forget their problems even for a minute or an hour. Keep smiling!Be happy!


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