Never Quit!

When the days turned black,

And you can’t find your luck,

Just wait for the sun to shine,

Everything will soon be fine.


When you failed in the war,

And victory seemed so far,

You should never ever doubt,

Failure is success reeled inside out.


When mountains are too high,

Sometimes, you just scowl and sigh,

But you should not remain still,

Start climbing the highest hill.


When you think you can’t get there,

Since stiff barricades are everywhere,

Recall how you’ve worked to reach it,

Never stop until you reach the summit!


When the idea of giving up hits your mind,

Forget it for it will never help you find,

The triumph might be touched in a bit,

Just keep going, and never ever quit!


© Lebana 2018

/Anabel Raymundo/

All rights reserved.

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