How do you deal with Judgmental People?

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Do you agree that people are judgmental by nature? I mean, are we just born to condemn without further evidence or explanation?  Basically, when people hear bad things about us, they instantly believe without a question, and when good things are said, they have second thoughts. It’s quite appalling to think that some are raised in an environment where discrimination and gossiping are mere diversions, and judging other people’s lives becomes normal as breathing.

When I was in childhood, I experienced different forms of judgments. Since I was too small and skinny back then, my classmates often tormented me because of my figure. They also debarred me from joining their groups so I was often alone with my books and my little toy. One time, I accidentally eavesdropped my classmates’ conversation, and I was so wretched upon discovering that I was the subject of their discussion. Amidst displeasure, I remained listening to the reverberation of their relentless clatter and laughter. Needless to say, their spiteful words made me bleed unremittingly. Those early years were really hard-hitting, so I had this presumption that the world was punishing, including its discriminating people, both old and young.

Growing up, I never escaped from the curse of bigotry. I couldn’t forget the humiliating experience I once had during my elementary years. This involved my terror teacher and adviser when I was in Grade Two. As far as I remember, she called me to answer her question regarding a Math problem. It was a simple question actually, but I was not able to grasp the question because of too much nervousness and fright. Unfortunately, I never answered even a word so she shouted at me blatantly, as if no one was there, as if no one was listening. Since I was too afraid, I just remained silent, but she continued with her mortifying words. She said that I was just a pathetic being from an ill-fated family, and that my father was a disgraceful drunkard. Because of too much degradation, I just wanted to vanish back then, but still, I chose to pacify myself and accept that it wasn’t my worth.

The unpromising stories of my childhood continuously haunt me until today, but they also serve as my inspiration to do and be better. Now, every time others tell a gossip, I just listen to show my care and interest to them. After, I see to it that the issues never sleep or live in me. Sometimes, we just have to go with the flow, but that doesn’t mean that we’re going to tolerate and imbibe wrong doings. Similarly, when I hear friends or peers saying undesirable things about me, I just try my best to ignore them. Well, what I just think is that everybody is entitled to their own opinions, and we can’t please others all the time. As long as it doesn’t kill me, I’ll just get even with a smile.

Indisputably, our world today is so much infected with hatreds, reprisals, and judgments. Instead of judging people, let us just help or pray for them. We might think that we know them already so we easily give our negative feedbacks, right? Certainly, we won’t actually understand them unless we live in their shoes, and that’s the only time we can realize how unkind and mistaken we are. We might be surprised that we can’t even handle half of what they have dealt. Indeed, there are reasons why they do what they do, and there are reasons why they are who they are.

Let us remember that judging a person doesn’t define who they are….

It defines who we are.


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40 thoughts on “How do you deal with Judgmental People?

    1. Thank you,Mary.We’ve all been there.So,it’s really appalling to think that these people exist.However,we can do something by countering these things with goodness.
      God bless you!Stay kind.Smile.

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  1. It’s so sad and frustrating that there are people in the world that think it’s ok to berate and belittle people. Yet, it gives me hope there are some honest and kind people in the world. However, I’m glad that through it all you remained the kind person you are didn’t become bitter and revengeful as there is already too much in the world.

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    1. You are right,dear.There are still honest and kind people out there.So,we can choose to be one of them.Let’s just spread love not hate to make this world a better place for all of us.
      Judgmental people are everywhere.We can do them a favor by not being one of them,or by simply praying for them.Thank you so much for your sincere feedback.Appreciated it!

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  2. In the rush of this rainy day, I am now finally able to say
    ~ a heart has a flame
    no judgment can extinguish
    only God knows our true name
    so pray for those who are inane~

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  3. Wise words and a good question. In one sense, no, I do not believe humans are judgmental by nature towards one another. I think looking at differences in others judgmentally is something we learn from the world as we grow up. Perhaps some learn this to varying degrees. Yet at the same time, judgmentalism does exist, and being that we are of nature, it could be said that because it exists it is also a current part of nature. However, I don’t believe it is an inevitable quality that cannot be outgrown.

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    1. Thank you,Dylan.
      I understood your point that being judgmental becomes our nature,since we are a part of it.The world where we live is a major contributing factor why most people are judgmental.It actually begins at home. Parents,including those who are with them,should become role models to these kids since values are caught not taught.If children had a good moral foundation,perhaps this issue could have been avoided. For now,we can do something by being different from them,like spreading positive vibes not careless judgments.

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      1. What the child learns or grasps in their formative years has a big impact in their holistic development.So,if they will be able to acquire the right conduct or good moral character like honesty,reliabilty,respect for the right of others,respect for the law,integrity,emotional and mental stability, or such,the morely likely the child develops into an upright and logical being.


  4. Wonderful post!! Sometimes we judge people without even realizing it. But if we all check ourselves and make sure that we don’t hurt people and if we mistakingly do so then we should apologize for it. The world would be a wonderful place to live when we all start appreciating each other’s differences😊😊.

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    1. That’s true.Nobody is perfect,and that we are different from each other.There should be unity in diversity.There can only be peace on earth if we’ll love and accept one another.Blessings!Spread kindness!

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  5. Childhood is hard especially when kids are willing to pick on anything and everything. I know what it was like to be teased, mocked and bullied throughout my younger years so I feel you there.

    I believe that the world today is so quick to spread hatred and indoctrinated theories but so slow to spread love. If we can reverse the ways of the world it would be a better place free of judgement. Great post

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    1. You have so much wisdom here, and I agree with you. Our world today is so much plagued with hatred and judgment.However,we can do something by countering those evil with kindness.Let’s spread love and kindness,thus making our world a better place for all of us.Thank you for your brilliant thoughts.

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  6. I was always heart broken back in junior school because I was always the talk of the class, good or bad; but now I’m used to it that I don’t even care what someone says, I just carry-on at being me. Thanks Lebana. Nice write up.

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    1. I’m so sorry that this piece brought your old memories.However,I’m so sure that those experiences made you a better person-braver and bolder.


  7. Love all your posts, I am looking for variety on my feed. Hence followed your blog and hope you do follow me as well for interesting travel related stories. Thanks , Happy blogging.

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