Lebana’s Outcry: Someday

Someday you’ll look at me, like I looked at you.

Someday you’ll think of me, like I thought of you.

Someday you’ll touch me, like I touched you.

Someday you’ll protect me, like I protected you.

Someday you’ll care for me, like I cared for you.

Someday you’ll kiss me, like I kissed you.

Someday you’ll choose me, like I chose you

Someday you’ll cry for me, like I cried for you.

Someday you’ll love me, but I won’t love you!

Someday you’ll forget me, and I will forget you,too!


© Lebana 2018


14 thoughts on “Lebana’s Outcry: Someday

    1. Thank you so much for inspiring me through your wonderful feedbacks. You are such an angel sent by God. Oh!His will is always the best. He loves us!


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