Lebana Speaks:Why Should I Write?

Why should I write again? 

This clamor muddled my mind.

What would I really gain?

Retorts were still unkind.


I have penned many ruminations,

those scribbled and mundane.

Some were merely imaginations,

which could all make me insane.


So I rummaged far and wide,

But alas, no ripostes can be found.

Obscurity never left my side,

and the quest remained unsound.


Finally, I sought the answer within me.

For only in writing again I could be free.


© Lebana



20 thoughts on “Lebana Speaks:Why Should I Write?

  1. Indeed, one can only be free in writing. A person who can write feely his thoughts is a genuinely free person. When thought freely flowing are captured and fashioned with art and passion by the “wordsmith”, they serve as sterling hallmarks of intellectual and even spiritual freedom. Thank you so much, Lebana.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more.I’m a totally free person.Writing is never easy but it eases my suffering.It is also my way of reaffirming my existence.
      Thank you so much,Sir Jojo.You never failed to overwhelm me with your words of wisdom.

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  2. If this is true, we have a sad time upon us. In the U.S., writing is not taught anymore. Vocabulary is what they hear, not what they read. Sentence structure, syntax, exposition, grammar, unnecessary.

    What will these children do? One thing, commit suicide. Teen suicide is up 30% since smart-phones became ubiquitous, and social media became the social police. (about 2010)

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    1. OMG!That issue is really alarming.The cases would have been lessened if those children had been exposed to expressing themselves.We need it to ease our sufferings.I have thoughts about quitting but you just opened my mind now.Thank you!The world needs writers.It needs us.

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  3. coding (writing) and decoding (reading) led us out of cyclical ignorance into ages where ideas and information could be captured and passed on to the generations. There is no magic in decoding a video for me.

    Teachers are giving up around the country because the children in their classrooms are from the fifth generation of illiterate, ill-numerate, ignorant parents, who place no value on knowledge, education, and history. Teachers and public schools have become day care/kibbutzes. What chance do they have during the day offsetting the “ambiance” of home and their neighborhood. Unless we start educating the parents, these kids have little chance with the useless diplomas they are handed.


  4. The four macro skills:reading,writing,listening,speaking,are important tools in transforming the minds of our young fellows.However,you are correct,they put premium on playing video games,or such,which can do them no good.
    Teachers and schools are faced with that extreme dilemma-getting the attention and interest of the students.Yes,they are coming to school everyday,but that is just to complete the requirement so they can graduate.Yet, the true essence of schooling/studying for them is totally gone.As a concerned individual,all we can do is to help those parents educate their children,for informal education begins at home.I believe that small acts can have greater effects,only if they are noble and true.


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