Lebana Speaks:What is your “Hugot Line”?

Have you heard or read about “hugot lines”? Well, you can find a lot of  these in Twitter and Tumblr- even in accounts dedicated to roiling these quotes. So, what is Hugot? It is actually a Filipino slang word which refers to drawing emotions from somewhere deep within you…sort of like being emo. They are quotable statements that are sentimental or such.

Since it started to thrive in the Philippines, I haven’t tried to pen or deliver my own lines. Perhaps it might be due to time constraint or lack of interest in the said subject. Oddly, this morning, I woke up to this idea in mind, which was further intensified by a friend.

So here’s my “hugot” for everyone.


It would have been better

if you hadn’t arrived into my life

since you ended up living anyway.    


There is no such thing as “forget”,

Only pain fades.


Who is mistaken?

the one who hopes,

or the one who gives chances?


To spurn yourself from  unhappiness,

Don’t let  someone become your world.


They say that love is the greatest feeling

one could ever feel,

But why do I feel this way?


You will not be hurt

without your permission.


We often bleed because of love,

But why do we choose it every time?


I want to hear from you. Please share to the world your own “hugot lines” through the comment section.

Thank you!


© Lebana

20 thoughts on “Lebana Speaks:What is your “Hugot Line”?

    1. It is just a slang word in the Philippines,dear.We commonly express lines like this when we are in deep sorrow,especially when our hearts are torn into pieces.Filipinos are sentimental by nature.

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