How do you deal with Judgmental People?

Hello, friends! Thanks for checking in! Do you agree that people are judgmental by nature? I mean, are we just born to condemn without further evidence or explanation?  Basically, when people hear bad things about us, they instantly believe without a question, and when good things are said, they have second thoughts. It’s quite appalling … Continue reading How do you deal with Judgmental People?

Never Quit!

When the days turned dark, And you can’t find your luck, Just wait for the sun to shine, Everything will soon be fine. When you failed in the war, And victory seemed so far, You should never ever doubt, Just remain firm in your bout. When mountains are too high, You may scowl and sigh, … Continue reading Never Quit!

Lebana’s Outcry: Someday

Someday you’ll look at me, like I looked at you. Someday you’ll think of me, like I thought of you. Someday you’ll touch me, like I touched you. Someday you’ll protect me, like I protected you. Someday you’ll care for me, like I cared for you. Someday you’ll kiss me, like I kissed you. Someday … Continue reading Lebana’s Outcry: Someday

The Lost Queen

Not so long ago, in a faraway land, There lived a maiden named Lebana! She used to ramble with her magic wand, and turned every place into a nirvana.   The country dwellers venerated this lady, Not for her beauty, nor her omnipotence, But for her noble doings and her purity, Silhouetted by the untouched … Continue reading The Lost Queen

Lebana Speaks:Why Should I Write?

Why should I write again?  This clamor muddled my mind. What would I really gain? Retorts were still unkind.   I have penned many ruminations, those scribbled and mundane. Some were merely imaginations, which could all make me insane.   So I rummaged far and wide, But alas, no ripostes can be found. Obscurity never … Continue reading Lebana Speaks:Why Should I Write?

Lebana Speaks:What is your “Hugot Line”?

Have you heard or read about “hugot lines”? Well, you can find a lot of  these in Twitter and Tumblr- even in accounts dedicated to roiling these quotes. So, what is Hugot? It is actually a Filipino slang word which refers to drawing emotions from somewhere deep within you…sort of like being emo. They are … Continue reading Lebana Speaks:What is your “Hugot Line”?

Six-Word Stories by Lebana

Strangers. Friends. Lovers. Haters. Strangers Again. __________________ Once, there was you and me. ____________________ They both dreamed,  believed, and survived. _____________________ Her perfect man  steals  her insanity. ______________________ He sought revenge.  She found  love. ______________________ Our worlds collided without a sign.   Thank you folks for reading! Let me hear your own six- word stories … Continue reading Six-Word Stories by Lebana

The Sunshine Blogger Award 6/23/2018

Hello readers! I would like to give a big thank you to Manish Malu for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I feel very honoured to receive an award especially from such a brilliant man like him. He hopes to reach out to people struggling with their personality and life by providing them moral support … Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award 6/23/2018

Lebana Speaks: Amidst Obscurity (My 100th Post)

Here I am all over again, entombed in the realm of obscurity Silent outcry is just vain, and desolation may cause insanity.   Will he come and protect me against the wretched curse of destiny? Please come and set me free, and we’ll both embrace immortality.   Now is the right time, my dear, while … Continue reading Lebana Speaks: Amidst Obscurity (My 100th Post)

Lebana Speaks: Love Under The Stars

I had a dream last night In my euphoric vision I was standing there under the golden moon and glittering stars   I was enjoying to watch the picture-perfect sky and listening to the melodious rhythm of the wind when suddenly, I heard a voice, a very familiar voice It was him, I thought, and … Continue reading Lebana Speaks: Love Under The Stars