Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I penned something here. I miss all of you so much! Sending my kisses to everyone!

Well, these days have been very noxious to me! There were copious things to do and think about. But surely, those things couldn’t stifle my voice. So, here I am.

Yesterday, I was flabbergasted once again to read another nomination from Gail, my sister and friend here in WordPress. I loved how she encouraged me with her kind words, and how she’s been lifting my crumbling spirit whenever I needed it. She is indeed AWESOME!

How infinite His love is.  He sees how and when to cheer us up. All glory to you, Oh Lord!

I was one of THEM!

I mistrusted myself many times. More often than not, I used to think that I am a worthless being-

That I’m not good enough.

That nobody will bother to listen.

That I am just a freak hoping for someone or something.

That I can’t be one of them-happy and contented.

But, I was wrong! Very wrong!

I have realized that no one can make me feel inferior but myself. I have allowed that inferiority entered, and it infected my whole system. It was like a dreadful malady that spread all over my mind and body.

I was grateful then that I’d waken from that curse before it completely took me.

It’s not what they think. It’s what we think of ourselves.

It’s not what they say. It’s what we say in silence.

It’s not what they do. It’s what we do in their absence.

It’s not about them.

It’s about you.

 It’s about our God.

Have a lovely day, everyone!

God bless you!

God loves you!