What is your Story?

Each of us has a story to tell. My story is not over yet. Everything that transpired in the past has led me to where I am today.   I am not afraid of my scars. Each and every scar has a story, and the fact that the lesions healed  reminds me that things get … Continue reading What is your Story?


Every time you find yourself distrustful if you can go on, just remember how far you’ve come. Remember everything you’ve encountered, all the combats you have defeated, all the fears you have conquered, and all the pains you have endured. Then raise your head high and forge on ahead, knowing that YOU GOT THIS!   … Continue reading YOU GOT THIS!

Making a Decision is never easy!

Love hurts. Truth hurts. Failure hurts. Guilt hurts. Hatred hurts. Rejection hurts. Waiting hurts. Forgetting hurts. Leaving hurts. But not knowing which decision to take can sometimes be the most painful. Decisions are the hardest thing to make, especially when it is a choice between where you should be and where you want to be. … Continue reading Making a Decision is never easy!