Be Free!

Hello, dearest friends!

Today is Sunday, and it is a beautiful day! We are more than blessed to feel and savor it. I can only thank Him for His delightful blessings. Thank you, Oh Lord!

I had a wonderful morning! I found out that my good friend, Judy, has finally started her blog. After several weeks of asking her to try it, she has fortuitously granted my persistent wish. I’m really overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. Thanks, Judy! Actually, we have the same qualms when it comes to self-expression before.

However, through continuous writing, I’ve learned to overcome my fears, and write freely without inhibitions. I just wish her the same. I know exactly how she feels right now, so I wrote her a sonnet to further uplift her confidence and spirit.



We are inimitably shaped in this thrilling realm,

with different predilections and capabilities.

Some just glower while others heartily gleam,

few choose to bathe in the irritating negativities.

It is undeniably throbbing to finally ponder,

that many of us are captives of our own fears.

Instead of appreciating the gifts with wonder,

we inadvertently plummet in the river of tears.

Today is the time to free ourselves from this rut,

and unwanted manacles that detained us to create.

Let those abilities be used, mark them with dots.

Unlearn those uncertainties, savor and celebrate!

Whatever transpires, we just need to understand!

That we are already blessed with a mighty hand.

Copyright © 2017

Anabel Geneta-Raymundo

All Rights Reserved












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