I’m a Pluviophile

I love the rain. I love how it mollifies my crumbling spirit, mind, and physique. I love how it softens the silhouette of things. I love how it overflows the lakes, rivers, and seas. I love how it kisses the flowers and leaves. I love how it satisfies the thirst of the earth. I love … Continue reading I’m a Pluviophile

I Need You Now

I need you now, my dear like a plant needs a water, like a person needs  an air, like a superhero needs a power, like a bee needs a flower, like a dream needs a dreamer, like a rice field needs a farmer, like a country needs a leader, like a garden needs a gardener, … Continue reading I Need You Now

Life without Love

A life without love  is like sky without stars, like sleep without visions,           like mind without thoughts, like flower without scent, like sea without waves, like sun without gleams, like song without music, like bird without wings, like candle without flame, like face without smile, like ME without you! Copyright© … Continue reading Life without Love

Thoughtful Thursday:Lord, Teach us to be Humble

Let us not be afraid to be humble,small  and helpless to prove our love for God. The cup of water you give the sick, the way you lift a dying man, the way you feed a baby, the way you teach a dull child, the way you give medicine to a sufferer of leprosy, the … Continue reading Thoughtful Thursday:Lord, Teach us to be Humble