You Matter

Even the smallest, weakest, most insignificant one, matters. -Rick Yancey-

 In my recent post, I have shared some valuable things that one needs to know in life which I think many of you have already read. Overwhelmed, I felt the urgency of exploring on the topic with gusto and depth.

How many of you have been into situations where you couldn’t see any light?

Perhaps it was the time when you were terminated from a job, or that defining moment when your boss told you that your performance wasn’t good enough.

It might be those struggling times when you experienced heartbreaks, which made you lost for months. Or that annoying moment when you were overawed by your imperfections and insecurities.

 Sometimes the world will let you feel how insignificant you are. Hopelessly, you start thinking   about jumping in front of a bus or shooting your head by a gun.

 When I was 25, I had that fatal experience.

Strangely, my right foot had swollen severely which crippled me for a month. I went to the doctor to be checked and he said that I was suffering from cellulitis. As you may know, it is a kind of cell infection which we could get from insect bites. Then I was advised to take some medicines for a week, but unfortunately they did not work.

It was not cellulitis. Desperately, my parents brought me to some expert quack doctors which were known for curing any illnesses. I have been to four or five healers yet no one succeeded.

My condition got even worse which made me disheartened for days. I couldn’t eat nor sleep. I started to question why those things happened instantly. Everything turned darker. The following day, I was rushed in the hospital.

The doctor clearly explained my condition. It was no longer about my swollen foot, I had that severe gastrointestinal problem. He further said that I was nearly dehydrated when I was rushed in and the situation could have been a lot worst if I weren’t brought earlier.

I hadn’t recovered yet from my bulging foot when another illness attacked. What a life!

As I was resting in bed, I realized one thing. I didn’t want to die. Not this time.

I hadn’t loved enough. I hadn’t told him how much I loved him. I hadn’t reached my dreams. I hadn’t lived a meaningful life. Not just yet.

It was one of the valuable lessons I learned in life. I matter. It matters that I live. It matters that I do the things I want to do.


In this same light, I want to share it with you: You matter. Don’t wait for that fatal experience for you to understand how important you are.

Even if no one else cares, no one else recognizes you. You matter.

You are valuable.

 You have influence.

You can do anything. 

You are appreciated.

You are talented. 

You are amazing.

You are loved.

It matters that you share your gifts to the world. You might be seeing your potentials just yet, but they are brilliant and surprising.

Whatever and wherever you are, remember these two words.



© Anabel Geneta-Raymundo


8 thoughts on “You Matter

  1. Lebana, good shares of thought and your spirit is beautiful. Thank you for following my > I look forward to your feedback if you should feel so inclined. Also I am happy that you recovered. Peace be with you and all of your readers!

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