Message to my 500+ Followers


I wish everyone a good day.

As you all know, my blog is just seven weeks old. It was in the 16th of July this year when Lebana’s Journal was introduced in the WordPress community. Blogging was a total stranger to me until that very moment. Back then, I couldn’t really dredge up what pushed me to create one, the last thing I knew was, I wanted my voice to be heard and the rest was history.

Today marks a special day for me. Lebana’s Journal just hit 500 follows in a short period of time. Well, that’s for me. Of course, I won’t let the day pass without thanking each and everyone of you who have followed and supported my blog. Surely, I would like to send my kisses and hugs to all. Same appreciation goes to those who have liked, viewed, visited, and even commented on my posts. Your words have moved me to be better than I was.

More often than not, I used to think that half of what I write here is garbage. However, it gives me comfort when I realized that at least they do not decompose in my head. Plus the fact that, someone from somewhere devotes his/her most treasured time reading my articles. Again, thank you very much.

Lebanas’ Journal will continue to serve its purpose of spreading good vibes and inspiration to everyone. I am writing to express not to impress and that makes a difference.


-Anabel Geneta-Raymundo-






42 thoughts on “Message to my 500+ Followers”

  1. That is so impressive!! You’re such a great blogger and I’m so happy you have such a following, cos you deserve it, girl. I’m still hoping to get to a 100 by the end of this year, lol. Congratulations dear!

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