Hey!It’s Lebana’s Day

Hello my dearest friends! Yes! Today is my birthday and I would like to celebrate my special day with you. You’ve been a part of my journey in discovering my inner self and the beauty of the world. So please join me in today’s occasion by reflecting on the bible passage below.   Created to … Continue reading Hey!It’s Lebana’s Day

Negative Inspiration

I dare you to figure me out! Hello readers!  If you are a regular visitor in my site I guess you’ve already read that line. It might sound like a challenge but it’s more than that to me. Actually, reality just hit me now. It’s not your duty to discern me- my thoughts, fears, aspirations, … Continue reading Negative Inspiration

5 Ways on How You Can Live Life to the Fullest

Dream as you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.-James Dean   You only live once and life is appallingly short. It might be distressing though, but once is truly enough if you’ll live it meaningfully. Sometimes, it’s just easy to look at your friends who are laughing around and assume that they don’t … Continue reading 5 Ways on How You Can Live Life to the Fullest

A Sister’s Love

Hello readers! Today is my sister-in-law’s birthday so I crafted her a sonnet. Happy Birthday, my dearest sister!   SONNET II (A poem dedicated to Gardhen C. Raymundo-Claveria)   Shall I compare thee to a golden moon? Thou art more glorious and radiant. Even the gleaming stars croon, When you gaze in an instant.   … Continue reading A Sister’s Love


SONNET I   I sought love in the woodland, temperate and undisturbed. The spirited fowls were stunned, as I gazed unperturbed.   I searched love in the seas, boundless and uncharted. The successive waves ceased, when I goggled and blurted.   I caught love in the air, saturated and scented, blowing firm so fair, hoary … Continue reading I FOUND LOVE: A Sonnet

Lebana’s Tanka

Tanka #01 Hold my hand tightly, as my heart pounds jauntily. We’ll reach for the stars and we’ll climb the highest hill. Oh! It’s just a reverie!   Tanka # 02   Look into my eyes, ponder on what is inside. Have you seen that glimpse? We are living the best life. Oh! It’s just … Continue reading Lebana’s Tanka