A Glimpse of  Yesterday

The best gifts in the world are not in the material objects one can buy from the store, but in the memories we make with the people we love Amanda Boyarshinov

After posting a review about Pollyanna and her glad game, I couldn’t find a substantial topic to pen about. Fortuitously, as I was organizing my files in my computer earlier this morning, the snapshots of the activities in my former school caught my attention. For a minute, I had that nostalgic mood. I was there. I was with them. I suddenly realized how time had really gone so fast. Same time two years ago, we were busy preparing for the “Buwan ng Wika” (Filipino Month) -a whole-month celebration that aims to promote the value of the Filipino language and culture. Teachers and students were busy preparing for the different contests and even designing their bulletin boards. I couldn’t forget our extended stays in the school for we had to finish making and putting up the “ banderitas”. I hoped that Mel, Klarence and Buen would read this for they were with me in those strenuous yet rewarding times.

Bohol Escapade with the gang
JCSLC Family in Bohol
Bohol Escapade
With our Director,Fr. Mark Munda
JCSLC Family(sometime in 2011 or 2012?)
Retreat in Tagaytay
Photo Opt with His Eminence,Cardinal Tagle
Cluster Planning
When In Davao
With the Coordinators

On the other hand, I couldn’t forget our compassionate and determined administrators for always putting their best efforts to address our needs. Not only that, we were given plenty of chances to have our retreats, get-together parties and outings far from the demanding schedules of the city. There, we were able to strengthen our bonds as a family.

Well, those were just few of the countless endeavors that I have had experienced with my JCSLC family, yes, even until now I consider them as my family. As we were saying, “Once a Cardinal, Always a Cardinal”. I certainly feel that a part of me still lives there, and a part of them still lives in me.


24 thoughts on “A Glimpse of  Yesterday”

  1. The memories we had in our former beloved school were engraved in the deepest part of hearts! It will not be forgotten!! I miss you so much ate! I miss the old days! 😘

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  2. Everything was planned and destined to happen. Our years of staying in JCSLC give us a chance to share those unforgettable moments. To learn from one another, to give hope and love. I missed you ate and the bonding we had through good times and bad times =) God bless you and Nanay..

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    1. Yes of course,meeting and befriending persons like you made my life more colorful.I will always cherish those moments I had with you guys.I miss you so much,still looking forward for more memories with you,..Love you Boowen😃😃😃


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