If you are reading this,may I tell you this is not really my first blog entry. After several days into blogging,I have utterly realized why I started in the first place.

Back in college,eight years ago,I was a member of the school’s publication which served as the voice of the studentry. Since then,I got fully engrossed with writing news, poems, reviews, and even stories.But to tell you frankly,the responsibilities it had were not stress-free.

I struggled most in expressing my contemplations due to vocabulary insufficiencies and insecurities. “This is not good enough, I am not good enough”, I could clearly  hear myself saying.Deadlines we’re really toxic then,and I hate to say that I wasn’t able to submit the given tasks during cutoffs. 

Expectedly, the editors chided me for too much dawdling, and that made me more lethargic and unresponsive. A couple of years later, I quitted.

I write not to impress but to express.

Now, I’m back and I want to restart that fragmented part of my past. I have this robust penchant for writing and I’m more certain to continue it.

Why blogging?

Obviously, using this platform, I can express my thoughts freely without any inhibitions. I have a voice here.

This means that I can spread out the things I like or don’t like,even those things that can help to change the world.

I am writing not to impress but to express.With love and optimism,may the good Lord guide me in this journey I am about to embark on.

-Anabel Geneta-Raymundo-